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KLC Special Video Links

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1 History of Robotics
2 Interactive Robots
3 Asimo has 'moves'
4 Nao fakes his death
5 4 piece Robot Band
6 Fembot History
7 Adv fembots
8 Dancing Catbots
9 Akiba 2 videos
10 EMA: a Girl Toy
11 Japanese World Fair
12 Robots of the future
13 Adv Robotic Hand
14 Male, Humanoid?
15 Humanoid Designs
16 Stick fighting robots
17 'Rolly Robot' Stereo)
18 Wall-e is a gangster
19 3 Trap Super Rat
20 Water Pwr'd Rocket
21 DB Potato/ golf/tennis ball Cannon
22 Car uses water for gas
23 Rabbit attacks huge snake
24 Apple Breather Kit
25 Hybrid Elec Motorcycle

26 Self Reversing Car
27 Light show movie
28 Artificial Intelligence
29 650HP Gymkhana Car
30 Robot Snake
31 available to use
32 available to use
33 available to use
34 available to use
35 available to use
36 available to use
37 Jim teaching a class
38 TV Be Gone kit
39 Jim McMillan, Teacher
40 Modified Camp Chair
41 4 KLC Helpers
42 Ethan #1 Helper

43 Sara Best Girl Helper
44 Big Ben

45 Lie Detector
46 E-Art, Motorcycle
47 available to use
48 available to use
49 available to use
50 available to use

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