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Jim McMillan, Dallas, Home School Teacher, uses hands-on projects, teaching, Robotics, Electronics, Science, and Technology. Learn electrical & mechanical problem solving skills, creative techniques, simplified engineering principles and divergent thinking abilities What & Why I Teach, goals and purpose, Jim McMillan's qualifications, special projects, methods & timing, developing creative skills and abilities, Kinetic Learning Center, Home School, Enrichment materials, Robotics, educational, projects KLC development page for html, gif's & new projects - Jim McMillan, Dallas, special classes, use hands-on projects, to teach, problem solving skills, electronics, and divergent thinking abilities
Collection of class and camp pictures plus some submitted by my students, see electronic art, warbots, individual, group and project pics, Jim McMillan, Kinetic Learning Center, DallasFree downloads - important information, needed basic skills, build projects, learn Robotics, Electronics, Creative Technology, electrical & mechanical problem solving skills, creative techniques, simplified engineering principles and divergent thinking abilities


Jim McMillan, Robotics, Creative Design, Problem Solving, home school materials -  Registered Trademark


Jim seeks students that want to be successful in today's technical world and are willing to work to accomplish their goals. He teaches his special creative methods and work ethics. Contact Jim to discuss details of what he offers or about teaching at your school next year. Jim has had students accepted by MIT, SMU, Rice, Texas Tech & many other top schools.

Check: 'Jim's Background', Class Descriptions & Announcements for details.

Jim teaches to pass on his special skills, abilities & techniques to the next generation. Jim was & is a rare Product Development, Research & Design Engineer who has created original products for many companies. This is 28th yr teaching Engineering Skills Classes. He's been there-done that and his unique one-of-a-kind classes give you a head start on your future competition. Jim has developed a unique method of teaching that makes complex technical concepts easy to understand. and teaches the skills you need to know to get and keep a job when you graduate. The specially designed class projects help students hone creative application skills and reinforce basic knowledge and understanding of scientific principles.

The secret of success is to be able to apply the knowledge,skills and abilities you have learned. These abilities will help you become successful as a designer, creative problem solver or inventor..... In Announcements read Jim's Steps for Success. If you have any questions e-mail Jim.

Artificial Intelligence
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This class Project was inspired
by the Apple 'Sleep-mode' light

Learn: how to build/invent stuff -

            Take things apart   to see how they work!
Dream about . . . Creating Robots?
        Make dreams
become plans   &  plans...
things that work - even if you don't
                                  know an
LED from a PCB.... then ....

                                                         Get a technological
         Head-Start on your future


Bulletin Board-Announcements

Jim recommends area families check out RHSA (Richardson Home School Association) it's large, Christian based & has been a home-school leader for over 30 years. RHSA has highly qualified teachers and offers a broad variety of classes. Go to RHSA Co-Op find classes Catalog (see left box). Check out Jim's classes (twd bottom of list under 'Technical Skills' Heading) Jim has taught at RHSA for over 20 years.

His three classes meet on Tues. from 12:30 to 3:30. RHSA meets at Temple Shalom, 6930 Alpha Rd at Hillcrest. See 'RHSA Co-Op' page above or e-mail Jim for more information. Jim plans to teach as long as he's able!

Jim's 'Steps for Success'

1) 'A Good Attitude' it's the most important thing and you have control of it.
'Common Sense' Not so common anymore, must be developed. It's the ability to recognize & use what's available to you to fix or solve any problem.
'A Strong Work Ethic' todays kids are lazy, want to play, not learn. You must be willing to spend time & work as hard as needed to reach your goals.
'Quitting is never an option!' Don't give up, press on! "Quitters never win"
'You must think you're smart enough to do anything'. If you don't believe in yourself, that you can do it, then you're defeated before you start.
'Learn from your mistakes'. Edison's lightbulb: took apx. 2,500 tries but he said none were failures because he learned something to do/not do each try.
Learn how to apply a combo of knowledge, understanding & divergent creative problem solving methods, skills and abilities to accomplish any goal.

... I teach to give you a chance. Our educational system has broken down, students aren't being taught the skills needed to succeed because the current education system doesn't work.

Technology is about to explode exponentially and few will be able to keep up. On your first job after college you will be on three months probation to prove they didn't make a mistake hiring you. Fail in your first two jobs and you will most likely have to find a new career.

Over the past 50 years I have developed a unique design method which I've used to invent many successful projects. I know what it takes to be successful and want to share this knowledge and my methods with you, the next generation.

Learn what you need to know before spending $150,000 or more for an education you can't use. I'm available to talk with parents or students when time permits.

... New 2017-18 schedule is almost set. After 27 yrs I've decided to teach at only two locations from now on. Tuesdays will be my 28th year at Richardson Home School Assoc. and on Thursdays I will teach at SALT Home School in Cedar Hill. The 'About KLC' page of this website has my background Bio. and class goals information. E-mail me if you have any questions about my classes.

... What KLC offers: Unique and fun projects that are designed to teach technical skills & problem solving methods developed by Jim. These popular hands-on projects develop your abilities and demonstrate how to use & apply the basic principles. Both Electrical and mechanical projects are available for all skill levels, beginner to advanced. This is a serious but fun way to teach common sense, logical divergent thinking and creativity. The hands-on class projects develop an understanding of scientific principles and methods used to design something new and original. Engineers that under stand these principles can apply them to invent and design new creative original conceptions. The rest can only modify what others have done (ie: use Google for ideas) because they have knowledge but lack understanding. I try to present all this in a way that's easy to understand and fun to do. We build cool projects that help you remember these things and the bonus is you get to keep the projects.

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"Goals & Purpose"

Popular Dallas teacher
Jim McMillan has created special hands-on projects designed to
teach you how to
think-on-your-feet, Quickly analyze facts and initiate a divergent
course of action for any situation.

These abilities apply to anything you do not just science, technology & engineering.
These classes give you an understanding of rules, formulas and scientific principles.

They help you develop problem solving skills and a positive 'can do' attitude.

Former three time Science Fair winner, Inventor, Scoutmaster, and Research & Product Design Engineer, Mr. McMillan has used his unique program to create, design and invent products for many companies. Review class descriptions below, If you have questions or comments e-mail Jim

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         Class name
   Refer to it as ...
 Learning skills & Building stuff
"Jim's Design Methods"
Essential tool for inventing

Gadgets & Gizmos Class: (ages 7 1/2-10)

With Jims permission a 7 1/2 yr old can join the class on probation to see if they can keep up. This hands-on class is 'Fun & Appealing' to both boys and girls who like to make things happen. Students learn to use tools and develop specific skills such as soldering, following directions, paying attention to details and how to work together. They'll use these skills to build quality projects - see 'Pictures' button on Home-Page of this website.

This class teaches Jim's hands-on method of how to use simple hand tools, hone skills and develop abilities needed to build the projects. Most projects are new each year but adv. or returning students can select another project if they demonstrate they have the necessary skills &/or have built the project in my class before. Students work individually to hone skills and in teams to learn how to work together. Parents can e-mail me to ask questions about any of my classes.

Examples of some past projects....

1) Make a pet Porcupine. Using a hammer and nails.

2) Learn about screws and screw-drivers then use them to build unique
     special projects.

3) Learn to solder then make: electronic art, dummy boards, LED flashlights,
      "Blinky Robot", etc.

4) Learn about aerodynamics and build things that move, fly or glide through
      the air.

5) Learn about nuts, bolts & washers, use special parts to make "creatures",
      "race cars" & other things.

6) Use "Wood Erector set" and metal pieces to build towers, bridges,
      helicopters or your own creation.

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(22)Dual Barrel Potato Cannon
Dual Barrel Potato Cannon

Inventing 101:   for ages 11-18
On college transcripts call it: Design Concepts or Pre-Engineering,
  Fall 2019 class descriptions   

This class is about building electrical and mechanical projects similar to those done in prior classes but also adding how to invent new projects from scratch. Jim is a real inventor, a Product Development Research and Design Engr. who has designed and invented products for many companies. He has never shared his unique design method with anyone before and he's used it for years to invent or design original products. The class will use 'Jim's Method' (which is Copyright protected) to design one or more projects.

Homework is Optional but You can't make an 'A' unless you do it. That is to submit an accepted idea or initial plan for a class project. The class, directed by Jim, will test its merit using "Jim's Design Method" to see if it's a feasible class project. The class might try an iffy 'may not work' project if it's cost effective and we can get parts to build the project. Just for the learning experience, because you can learn from failures!

Grades will be determined by class participation and effort. Quizzes, if any, will be 'open notes' and are just to help in selecting projects. Students must learn basic facts and parts identity before they can build a project. New or returning students who show they have the skills can select more adv projects and be team leaders or helpers.

This 'hands-on' class teaches many things not being taught in colleges today but needed to get and hold a job after graduation. This class teaches creative and divergent problem-solving skills and abilities that can help you in many aspects of life. New projects are offered each year but the repetition of skills is key to building confidence. Building on success after success will ultimately give you the ability to initiate new original or skill to modify old projects. These unique classes will give you a head-start advantage over your competition when applying for your first job out of college. Jim has taught for over 27 years and looks forward to mentoring, challenging and inspiring his students to work hard to achieve their goals.

Past students who have taken this class two or more years have received college credit in Pre-Engineering and have been accepted at MIT, SMU and other prestigious schools. Jim has invented and designed things since age 10 and wants to pass his skills and techniques on to you, the next generation. If you want to know more call Jim at 214-521-1444 or visit his website, .
Class Descriptions

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* Age 9: Bugged his house, mothers Beauty Shop & the Gas Station Restroom next door.
* Age 10: Figured out & built a working mechanical elevator, went 12 ft up to his tree house.
* Age 11: Designed an electromagnetic acceleration device that could shoot needles.
* Age 14-18: Won his High School Science Fair 5 yrs in a row. Jim's HS was 8th-12th grade.
* Age 15-17: All-State Band (10th-12th). Could play almost every Instrument in the Band.
* Age 18: Won Sci Fair with listening device, similar to those used at current NFL games
* Age 23: Designed original system to visually display stereo sound and volume. It's used in
nightclubs all over the world (could've made big bucks). He still has it.
* Jim has taught 25+ yrs in Dallas area Home-School Co-Ops and Private Schools.
* For 23 yrs, Jim's KLC: Creative Technology Summer Camps taught thousands to use his
special unique hands-on how-to-do-it methods of divergent creative problem
solving and special design techniques.
* Served in Air Force: used the 'GI bill' and TI Summer Development program to attend SMU.
* Jim was top of his class in a 53 week Air Force Electronics school and got the best possible
assignment: the 745th AC&W Squadron in downtown Duncanville, Texas.
* '63 First job out of Air Force, was a technician on the 'Shrike Missile' guidance system at TI.
* '64 (invented) 'Stereo Color Organ' where colors represent Bass, Mid Range and Treble
frequencies for each channel. It's used in nightclubs all over the world.
* '63-67 worked his way up to become a TI Engineer. Texas Instruments then put Jim in their
'Summer Development Program', which gave him enough money to go to college.
* '67-71 Went to SMU, Graduated class of '71, BSEE (electrical Engr.), went on to become
a 'Product Development Research & Design Engineer' who invented and created
products for many Texas companies. Jim now teaches Engineering Classes.
* '71 Bubble memory for $25 million computer, '73 designed the TI Calculator Chip.
* Original Product Designs: including 'Brain' of the original hand held calculator and the
First Wide-Angle (130') No-Glasses 3D system, (now called 4K) while a teacher.
* After calculator designed color matching system for the graphics Arts Industry.
* Was a Science-Fair Judge for several years & 1 year at 'Future City' competition, UTA.
* Created projects specifically designed to teach skills, develop &/or hone abilities.
* Built & drove modified sports car to series championship. Won 'Most Popular car'
Award at '91 FW Autorama and set record at Austin Travis-Dam Hill Climb.
* Was Assistant SM & Eagle Coordinator at Troop 35, Highland Park,18 yrs. & Co-
Started Troop 125 at Northwest Bible Church, Dallas (250+ reached Eagle Rank)
* Antelope Patrol WOODBADGE #45 (1991) Scouts highest level of adult training.

How Things Work:  for ages 10-17  

On college transcripts call it: Design Concepts, Updated 2018-2019 class descriptions
This is a High School level class but younger students have taken it successfully for years.

For young Wanta-be Inventors and Designers: Learn how and why things are made! Get hands-on experience using original methods that Jim's developed and used over the last 50 yrs,see "Jims Background" on the HomePage. These are the skills that made him a successful Product Design and Research Engineer. He want to pass them on to you. These methods can be applied to most technical careers not just engineering. Schools today don't prepare students for what will be expected of them when they graduate. I teach my students how and what to do to survive in the working environment. Get a head start on your future competition. These classes are a unique one-of-a-kind experience!

To develop, create, design or invent you must have a basic fundamental understanding of how and why things work. Without this knowledge you can only modify what others have done. Students will take apart all kinds of things to see what makes them tick. Sometimes we will fix or modify the project into something else. This is an exciting class Jim has developed to teach the skills, abilities and his methods needed to create original designs.

I recommend taking this class more than once because it takes time and repetition to understand the basic concepts. Usually the first year in any of my classes is great fun but in the second year you begin to understand the concepts and principles involved. The projects are always new or changed each year. Come and join the fun! Students can bring things to fix, to work on themselves or to share with the class. There is no homework or quizzes, students are graded on class participation and attitude.

Examples of past projects:
We have built gaming computers, Free Wi-Fi antennas, lightning generators, Marshmallow Cannons, Rat(trap) Racers, a go-cart & LED lantern survival light. Learned how to wire home electronics like ceiling fans, stereos, surround sound, install light cutoff switches in two or more locations with a dimmer. Studied Humanoid Robotics, Automotive stuff (ask me about it), Taken apart; X-boxes, R/C cars, computers, smart phones, hard drives, keyboards, electric motors, drills, soldering irons, glue guns, a lawn mower engine, converted a 2 speaker system to sound like a 'virtual surround' system, used metal & plastic bending tools and many other things.


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Class Registration:

RHSA, Richardson Home-school Assoc. Visit their web-site .
The Co-Op meets at Temple Shalom, Hillcrest at Alpha, their phone no. answered
Tues & Thurs during school hours is 972-234-8404. E-mail:

General information: Class cost vary ($45-$50/mo) due to the fees I'm charged. The Materials fee ($75/yr) covers class projects - my expenses are about $130/student. Check the Bulletin Board for latest information, updates & announcements.

Future Classes:  Offering several new options starting this Fall - See Bulletin Board for options. If interested in offering our classes or Summer Camps at your location, call 214-521-1444 or e-mail Jim to set a time to meet or discuss options.

Fall Class Schedule   (Scan Down)
2015-16 Home, Private and After-School classes will again be taught at three locations

RHSA Home-school Co-Op
Now meets at Temple Shalom, on Hillcrest 1/2 mile North of LBJ - go to the back entrance.

        12:30 - 1:25
          1:30 - 2:25
          2:30 - 3:25

Thursday:   This time available as of Sept 2018 Fall Semester All 3 Classes, Call Jim, 214-521-1444 or
e-mail me if you have questions about me or these classes.

ages 11+
ages 10+

...   .............:

............... .........
If interested contact Jim to discuss ...... My classes are geared for ages 8 to 17. E-mail Jim or call him at 214-521-1444.

Possible college credits:

1) It's possible to qualify for Pre-Engineering college credits if you take 2
years or more of Technical Science and/or Engineering Skills. This will give you a major advantage over other students & the possibility of advanced placement.

2) Sci-Tech 1&2 (pre-engineering) will be taught at the same time but second year or those who can do the work have the option to select more difficult projects.

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1    Animusic 1&2                          Animated instruments, 2 disc set                              G
2    The Machines                           Fanastic exhibit at the MIT Robotics Museum         G
3    Night at the Museum 1&2        Comes Alive/Battle of Smithsonian                          G
4    The Black Stallion                    Shipwrecked Horse becomes champion                    G
5    Cars                                         An animated world of cars                                       G
6    Inspector Clouseau                  Bumbling Pink Panther Detective                             G
7    Wall-E                                     nbsp;Adventures of Junk Yard Robot                               G
8    62 Classic Cartoons                  Superman,Casper, Popeye & more                          G
9    6 Hrs of Cartoons                     Fabulous Cartoon Funnies, 6 hours                         G


15    Troop Beverly Hills                Very funny Girl Scout Adventures                           PG
16    National Treasure 1 & 2         Seeking the worlds greatest treasures                        PG
17    Ice Age 1, 2 & 3                     Pre-Historic/Meltdown/Dinosaurs                             PG
18    Madagascar 1 & 2                  Escape to Africa & Penguins Adventure                   PG
19    The Rocketeer                        Top secret jet pack found                                         PG
20    StarTrek/StarTrek 3               1st Contact/Search for Spock                                    PG
21    Young Indiana Jones             Treasure of the Peacocks eye                                     PG
22    Lord of the Rings 1 &2          Return/Fellowship of the King                                  PG
23    2 Fantastic-4 movies               Original & Rise of the Silver Surfer                          PG
24    Robots                                   Comedy - Robot movie                                             PG
25    Hitchhikers Guide                  Inner Galactic Space Travelers                                  PG
26    Kart Racers (unlimited)          Courage has no Speed Limit                                     PG
27    Lemans Prototype Racing      European Championship Series                                 PG
28    Bullitt (Steve McQueen)         Best car chase in movie history                                  PG
29    Short Circuit (Johnny 5)        Runaway robot think he's alive                                  PG


35    Days of Thunder                     Racing movie with Tom Cruise                             PG-13
36    Italian Job Orig/Remake        Wild bank robbery & escape                                 PG-13
37    The One                                  Destroy the matrix to save the universe                 PG-13
38    Blackbeard                             Pirates of the Caribbean sequence                         PG-13
39    Ironman 1 & 2                        A thrill a minute Robotman                                  PG-13
40    Avatar                                    Return to Pandora, Adv civilization                      PG-13
41    I Robot                                   Adv powerfull robots try to take over                   PG-13

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