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Jim McMillan, Dallas, Teacher, uses hands-on projects to teach Robotics, Electronics, Science, and Technology.<br> Learn electrical & mechanical problem solving skills, creative techniques, simplified engineering principles and divergent thinking abilities What & Why I Teach, goals and purpose, Jim McMillan's qualifications, special projects, methods & timing, developing creative skills and abilities, Kinetic Learning Center, Home School, Enrichment materials, Robotics, educational, projects KLC development page for html, gif's & new projects - Jim McMillan, Dallas, special classes, use hands-on projects, to teach, problem solving skills, electronics, and divergent thinking abilities
Collection of class and camp pictures plus some submitted by my students, see electronic art, warbots, individual, group and project pics, Jim McMillan, Kinetic Learning Center, DallasFree downloads - important information, needed basic skills, build projects, learn Robotics, Electronics, Creative Technology, electrical & mechanical problem solving skills, creative techniques, simplified engineering principles and divergent thinking abilities
Retiring, selling off left over class project stuff, Jim McMillan, Kinetic Learning Center, Dallas

Jim McMillan, Robotics, Creative Design, Problem Solving, home school materials -  Registered Trademark

Jim has spent his career, see Jim's Background, as a Research & Design Engineer also doing original Product Design & Development and inventions for his own purposes and for other area companies. Jim taught his unique 'Technical Problem Solving' & 'Creative Design' Engineering classes at both Private & Home-School Associations for 28 yrs. Now retired (June, 2019) he wants to pass on his methods of design and inventing skills to the current generation.

The information posted on this website is FREE and I hope you can understand it on your own. For those looking for help navigating through the educational maze see the "What U Need 2 Know" page or if interested in Engineering field see "The Chosen Ones" Group. For a small fee ( not yet offered) you can get my help by website, Q&A, e-mail or phone contact on any of this. The site is being setup and will officially open in April.

I want to give back and therefore make as much information as I can FREE. Some of the How to invent and Design Methods are to complex and time consuming to do FREE so I'll just post the basics and see if you can figure it out.See the "Chosen Ones" program to work through the process to see if you can develop the process on your own. First read Jim's Background: to see my qualifications. Then study theEssential Skills "steps to success" that is the heart and soul of Jim's secret design method. This is covered in depth in the "Chosen Ones" program.

THIS ISN'T A SCHOOL but a website to help guide you from Hi-School to College and beyond into a successful career!
Use e-mail link above to contact me, leave phone # if you want to get a call back.

Those who don't take college serious and learn how to prepare will get hired then fired after the 3 month probation trap. Why? Because you're the enemy and aren't prepared for what's coming against you. Before you go to College (or change jobs) there are vital things you need to know that no-one will tell you. I tell those I'm helping - FREE (see 1) below - this is one of the things I do to give you a successful career head start.

Jim's methods of design are the basic essential steps you need
       need to know and understand in order to apply them.

What I want to offer on this website:

Or More For A Questionable Education and A Debt You Can't Repay.

"Free initial advice" I want to help you make wise choices and prepare a successful career plan to meet your goals. I've been there, done that and want to help you do it to. I'll warn you of what you you need to know to avoid expensive mistakes. If under age 18 at least one of your parents should be involved to hear what I'm offering. This is free but starting in step-2 there will be a small fee depending on what you need to know, based on time we spent, on-line, the phone or in person.

2) Small Flexible (to be determined) fee   
For 28 years I've taught Engineering classes at 2 or 3 schools ea year. I want to share what I've learned in 50 years as a Product Development R&D Engineer (now retired) and offer my own unique method I've developed to invent & design original products. I never shared my methods with anyone before now.

3) "STUFF for SALE"
  For 23 years I held Annual Creative Technology Summer Camps, most at Heights Park Center in Richardson, Texas. For 28 years I taught classes - I had to buy and store thousands of dollars o stuff a lot of which I still have!

I have many left over new & used hard to find left over items to sell, see the 'Stuff for Sale' page. This includes class materials, tools, kits, computers, computer parts, soldering irons, small hand tools and many other things I no longer need.

I will offer various items, new and used. I'm selling these things to clear up storage space in my Lab and give my friends good deals on hard to find stuff at very cheap prices.

If you have questions or suggestions simply send them to me. See 'e-mail Jim' at top left of this page and put 'from KLC Website' in the Subject line. My desire is to help smart people that are willing to work and want to be successful.

                 Jim's Background:
* Age 9: Bugged his house, mothers Beauty Shop and the Gas Station Restroom                next door.
* Age 10: Figured out and built a working mechanical elevator, went up 12 ft to                his tree house.
* Age 11: Designed an electro-magnetic accel. device that shoots needles.
* Age 14-18: Won his High School Science Fair 5 yrs in a row. Jim's H.S.                was 8th-12th grade.
* Age 15-17: All-State Band (10th-12th). Could play almost every Instrument                in the Band.
* Age 18: Won Sci. Fair with listening device, similar to those used at                current NFL games.
* Age 23: Designed original system to visually display stereo sound and volume.                It's used in nightclubs all over the world (could've made big bucks).                      He still has it.
* Jim has taught 28 yrs in Dallas area Home-School Co-Ops and Private Schools.
* For 23 yrs, Jim's Creative Technology & Robotics Summer Camps taught                    thousands to use his hands-on how-to-do-it methods of divergent
                creative problem solving and design techniques.
* 3.5 yrs. in Air Force: used 'GI bill' & TI special program money to attend SMU.
* Jim was top of his class in a 53 week Air Force Electronics school and got the                    best possible assignment: the 745th AC&W Squadron in Duncanville,
                 Tx. Has lived in Dallas since 1961.
* '63 First job out of Air Force, was a technician on the 'Shrike Missile' guidance
                 system at TI.
* '64 designed 'Musical Lights' to demonstrate Stereo. Had two 1'x4' wood frames
                 30-light bars/ch.used R,Y,B to represent freq's.It's now used all over                  the world and I still have the original.
* '63-67 worked hard and become a non degree TI Engineer. Texas Instruments                     put Jim in their 'Summer Development Program' which paid expenses                  to SMU & a guaranteed job.
* '67-71 Graduated SMU class of '71, BSEE (E. Engr), went on to become a                      'Product Development Research & Design Engineer' who did orig.                       designs for many companies.
* Jim taught Creative Engineering & Problem Solving classes for 28 yrs.
* '71 Worked on the Bubble memory system for a $25 million computer,
* '73 Designed the brain chip (and wrote the operators manual) for the orig. hand held TI Calculator.
* Original Product Designs: include 'Musical Lights', Original Hand Held Calculator and the
first "Wide-angle, No-Glasses, No special screen 3D system". All in 7-months while teaching at three schools.
* Was a Science-Fair Judge for several years & 1 year at 'Future City' competition, UTA.
* Created projects specifically designed to teach skills, develop &/or hone abilities.
* Built and drove modified sports car to series championship. Won 'Most Popular car'
   award at '91 FW Autorama and set record at Austin Travis-Dam Hill Climb.
* Was Assistant SM & Eagle Coordinator at Troop 35, Highland Park,18 yrs. and co-
   started Troop 125 at Northwest Bible Church, Dallas (300+ reached Eagle Rank)
* Antelope Patrol WOODBADGE #45 (1991) Scouts highest level of adult training.
* Actually there is more but this should do....

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STUFF for SALE !!!

I retired April 2019 and have thousands of dollars worth of new and used stuff to sell!
Page will be set up when I have the time! I have many computers, bought, built or modified by me to use in my classes and research projects. I will sell working and/or parts for very cheap prices as-is, no warranty. If you are interested or have questions e-mail me
. The computers quality and speed determines the price. I design, build or modify Desktops, Laptops and Gaming Computers just for fun. If you want other options ask, I will, if possible modify a computer to meet your needs. Selling: Power Tools, soldering irons, regular tools, Computer stuff, Electronic kits and other valuables. Check often to see what's changed or to ask if I have something you might need.

       Jim's 'Essential Skills & Design Methods '             
These are basic facts, understanding how to apply them is the secret
I explain the system to those I help

1) 'Your Attitude' is very important & you have control of it, always be positive.
2) 'Common Sense' is vital, it's the ability to do a job with what's available to you.
3) Good 'Work Ethic': Must work as hard as it takes to accomplish your goal
4) 'Quitting is never an option', Quitters never win, it becomes your downfall.
5) 'Must believe' you can do the task at hand or you're defeated before you start
6) 'Learn from mistakes' it took Edison 2,500 tries to design the first light bulb
7) 'Develop application skills' so you can always find a way to get a job done.

8) 'Quantium Technology' is here: if you can keep up you'll be in high demand.

Over the past 50 years I have developed a method of design which I've used to invent many successful products. I know what it takes to be successful and want to share this knowledge and my methods with you, the next generation. "Always
keep up with the latest"
advances or you will level off and become obsolete.

Learn what you need to know before spending $150,000 or more for an education you can't use & debt you can't repay.

I am in the process of rebuilding this website for my 6th career. I have thousands
of dollars worth of parts, kits, equipment, tools and other stuff left over from my 28th year teaching career that I will need to eliminate.
A 'STUFF FOR SALE' page will eventually be posted on this site' when I can find the time to do it.

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Learn: how to build / invent stuff by -
      Taking things apart  to see how they work! And...
Dream about . . . Creating Robots?
                                Make dreams
come true   and  plans become
things that work - even if you don't
                                  know an
LED from a PCB - .Get a                                                                  technological Head Start on your                                                     Future Competition!

My 4 careers (a 5th, this website, is coming):
1) After serving in the Air Force I was hired as a Sr. Level Technician at TI and in 4 yrs became a non-degree TI Engineer. I held a Top-Secret Security Clearance for over 10 yrs and worked on the Guidance system of the "Shrike Missile".
TI paid my way to SMU and I became a Product Development Research & Design Engineer who Invented original products for many companies.
3)Started a corporation, ACS Inc, A Consulting Company: helped individuals to locate, buy/sale foreign, exotic and collector cars in both US & Europe - Was not a dealer! This was a result of my racing background. in my Bio.

Started Kinetic Learning Center Inc for 28 yrs I taught
Engineering Classes
designed to make complex technical concepts easy to understand. I teach the missing links needed after graduation or anytime you get a new job. Projects were designed to help students hone creative application skills plus reinforced knowledge and understanding of 'How Things Work'. I taught my students how to use and apply what they had learned into original ideas and designs.

In process of starting a 'Path to Success'career help site for ages 13-25
I will make it very affordable. Check my Bio (above) and Background - I have a lot to offer, example: to learn how to apply your book knowledge into things that will actually help you reach your goals in life - whatever they may be.
If you have questions e-mail Jim at (put KLC in Subject line).

To see how I've applied these steps read my background again. Designed 20 yrs ago: Double barrel Super-Cannon which can shoot marbles, potatoes or tennis balls.
Jim's Water Rocket was used at many of my 23 Summer Camps, and goes over 400ft high. also see my favorite video 650HP Racer it's incredible!

Example order form ....(order #)
coming soon --Prod-- -info-    $...
To have shipped      
To buy assembled   
Pick-up in Dallas    
pic coming soon

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'Creative Problem Solving'Jim has designed unique special projects to help teach Engineering, Robotics, Design principles, Gaming Computers, and how to invent or design 'original' concepts. He covers 'divergent problem solving skills', 'special creative techniques', 'simplified engineering principles and abilities', etc.

coming soon --Prod-- --info--    $...
To have shipped     
To buy assembled   
Pick-up in Dallas    
pic coming soon

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to be updated     

under reconstruction: (will be) Safe Videos that u-tube' or others don't use to capture/lead you off to bad video's. If this happens please let me know so I can stop it.

(19) Triple Pwr RatTrap
Runs length of Gym in 10 seconds
(20) 500ft WaterRocket
More KLC Videos to be added
(18) Apx 20 Wall-e Shorts

Click left arrow for video selection

(29) 650hp custom built Racer
Custom built for this video

This Project inspired by the Apple 'Sleep-mode' light

How Things Work:   for ages 10-17   

On college transcripts call it: Design Concepts, Updated 2019-2020 class descriptions
This is a High School level class but younger students have taken it successfully for years.

For young Wanta-be Inventors and Designers: Learn how and why things are made! Get hands-on experience using original methods that Jim's developed and used over the last 50 yrs,see "Jim's Background" on the HomePage. These are the skills that made him a successful Product Design and Research Engineer. He want to pass them on to you. These methods can be applied to most technical careers not just engineering. Schools today don't prepare students for what will be expected of them when they graduate. I teach my students how and what to do to survive in the working environment. Get a head start on your future competition. These classes are a unique one-of-a-kind experience!

To develop, create, design or invent you must have a basic fundamental understanding of how and why things work. Without this knowledge you can only modify what others have done. Students will take apart all kinds of things to see what makes them tick. Sometimes we will fix or modify the project into something else. This is an exciting class Jim has developed to teach the skills, abilities and his methods needed to create original designs.

I recommend taking this class more than once because it takes time and repetition to understand the basic concepts. Usually the first year in any of my classes is great fun but in the second year you begin to understand the concepts and principles involved. The projects are always new or changed each year. Come and join the fun! Students can bring things to fix, to work on themselves or to share with the class. There is no homework or quizzes, students are graded on class participation and attitude.

Examples of past projects:
We have built gaming computers, Free Wi-Fi antennas, lightning generators, Marshmallow Cannons, Rat(trap) Racers, a go-cart & LED lantern survival light. Learned how to wire home electronics like ceiling fans, stereos, surround sound, install light cutoff switches in two or more locations with a dimmer. Studied Humanoid Robotics, Automotive stuff (ask me about it), Taken apart; X-boxes, R/C cars, computers, smart phones, hard drives, keyboards, electric motors, drills, soldering irons, glue guns, a lawn mower engine, converted a 2 speaker system to sound like a 'virtual surround' system, used metal & plastic bending tools and many other things.

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26    Kart Racers (unlimited)          Courage has no Speed Limit                                     PG
27    Lemans Prototype Racing      European Championship Series                                 PG
28    Bullitt (Steve McQueen)         Best car chase in movie history                                  PG
29    Short Circuit (Johnny 5)        Runaway robot think he's alive                                  PG


35    Days of Thunder                     Racing movie with Tom Cruise                             PG-13
36    Italian Job Orig/Remake        Wild bank robbery & escape                                 PG-13
37    The One                                  Destroy the matrix to save the universe                 PG-13
41    I Robot                                   Adv powerfull robots try to take over                   PG-13

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